Replacing Old or Worn Auto Parts

Why Should You Consider Aftermarket Suspension Upgrades?

No one ever said the world of automotive replacement parts was straightforward. If you're replacing a component on your car, you'll usually face a choice between factory, OEM (original equipment manufacturer), and aftermarket. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, but suspension components are one case where aftermarket alternatives are often an excellent idea.

What makes your car's suspension so well-suited to an aftermarket upgrade? This guide will help you understand why this system is a perfect candidate for aftermarket parts, even if you don't push your car to the limits.

What Are You Replacing? 

When it comes to performance upgrades, most people either add swaybars or complete coilover kits. In this case, "coilover" simply refers to the design of the strut or shock. Instead of replacing a single part of your suspension, you rather replace the whole assembly. The name refers to the coil spring sitting over the inner strut or shock.

Swaybars (sometimes called anti-roll bars or stabilizers) are a cheap and relatively effective upgrade that can stiffen your car's chassis and make it feel more stable in turns. While some manufacturers include swaybars from the factory, these parts are typically aftermarket upgrades. They also tend to be straightforward bolt-on upgrades, so installation is often a do-it-yourself job.

On the other hand, replacing your shocks and struts with a coilover kit is a more drastic step. These kits can dramatically alter the appearance and performance of your car, allowing you to lower or raise your ride height, get a firmer ride, or even improve offroad performance. Nearly every vehicle has various coilover options available, allowing you to choose one tailored to your needs.

What Makes Aftermarket Suspension Upgrades So Good?

Manufacturers tend to design their suspension components to provide the best possible combination of ride quality, performance, and durability. While this is an excellent approach for selling cars, it means that the suspension tuning may not be to your liking. Maybe you'd prefer a stiffer suspension that provides better handling, or perhaps you're looking for improved ride quality or a lowered ride height.

Whatever the case, an aftermarket parts upgrade can be an excellent way to customize your car's performance, handling, and appearance to your specific needs. If you have a higher mileage vehicle, it's likely that your factory components are already wearing out, and an aftermarket upgrade lets you restore your suspension while improving and customizing it.

Smaller upgrades, such as strut tower braces or swaybars, also let you make minor handling improvements without breaking the bank. These aftermarket suspension upgrades are another option for taking your car beyond the performance offered by the factory. By choosing the right aftermarket upgrades for your car, you can customize your suspension to meet your specific needs.