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Several Reasons Your Garage Door May Be Malfunctioning

A malfunctioning garage door can be an extremely inconvenient problem to experience. When you first notice that your garage door is not functioning correctly, there are a few potential problems that you will want to check to help you determine the source of the issue.

Malfunctioning Sensors

A garage door will utilize a series of sensors as a safety mechanism. Without these sensors, there would be nothing to stop the garage door if it came into contact with a person or object. This could result in sizable damages as the garage door will be extremely heavy. When the garage door is failing to completely close or is closing and opening again, this could indicate that the sensors are giving a false signal about an object in the path of the garage door. Many garage door systems will have a sensor reset that may correct malfunctions in the software that controls the garage door. If this fails, the problem may be due to the sensors being misaligned. Aligning these sensors can be difficult as it will require very precise measurements, but a garage door technician will have the tools to quickly and accurately align these sensors.  

Warped Supports

A garage door that is unable to completely open or close may be caused by supports that have become warped. This warping can be caused by the garage door becoming unbalanced. Once a section of the frame has warped, the damage will likely worsen each time the door is used. Reducing the costs of repairs will require you to avoid using the door until you can have a professional replace the damaged sections of the garage door frame.

Damaged Motor

A garage door that is completely unable of opening or closing may be caused by a faulty motor. Unfortunately, attempting to repair or diagnose problems with a garage door motor can be extremely dangerous. This is due to the fact that many of the components will be under immense stresses, such as the torsion spring. In addition to the risks of physical injuries, you may also find that evaluating a garage door motor is a difficult task for those that do not have much experience working with mechanical systems. Another reason for hiring a professional to do these repairs can be to protect the warranty of the system. For more information, contact a service like J & R Garage Door Company Inc. If it is discovered that you had unlicensed repairs done to your garage door, your warranty's protections may be immediately revoked.