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What To Do When The Muffler On Your Car Needs Replacing

The exhaust system under your car will withstand some abuse, but in time it can develop problems that require muffler repair or replacement. The job can be challenging because mufflers become rusted to the exhaust pipe, and they can be in places where space is limited. You can take your car to a muffler repair shop if you suspect a problem with the exhaust system.

Muffler Damage 

Muffler repair may be necessary if a hole or crack develops in the muffler case or one of the pipes on the ends of the unit. The muffler may fail before the exhaust pipes in the system do because of its construction, and there are some signs that you need to consider a replacement. 

If you notice a change in how the car sounds, take it to a muffler repair shop and have them check the exhaust system. The sound level or tone can occur because of changes inside the muffler, and you may not always see the problem from the outside. 

Water vapor in the exhaust gases can settle in the muffler core and cause rust and corrosion inside the case. Once the rust gets bad enough, the baffles can break loose, and the muffler may start to get loud. Noises and other symptoms may go unnoticed at first, but over time the muffler may develop a rattle inside because of the pieces of rust and metal that are loose and moving around in the case. 

The muffler repair shop can not fix a muffler in this condition, but they can replace it with a new one for you. Sometimes removing and replacing the old unit requires some cutting and modification to the pipes and fittings in the system, so it can be a job best suited to a professional shop with the tools and equipment that make the job quick and easy. 

Exterior Muffler Damage

Inspecting your exhaust system may reveal damage to the exterior of the muffler. Sometimes this damage can be a dent from something bouncing off the road and hitting the case, and other times it can be because it is hanging down and hits a speed bump or high spot in the road. 

If the damage to the muffler's exterior is severe, you may find cracks or a puncture in the case that is allowing it to leak exhaust gases under the vehicle. The muffler repair shop can't repair this kind of damage directly, but they can replace the muffler with a new one. 

If the exhaust continues to leak and you do not make repairs, you could be allowing exhaust to enter the passenger compartment. A leak can create an unhealthy environment inside the car that is dangerous to you and your passengers.