Replacing Old or Worn Auto Parts

How To Replace An Air Conditioning Hose

Your AC unit might not be blowing cold air if you have a leak in your air conditioning hose. These hoses gradually wear out and will eventually need to be replaced. These types of hoses are the most common on AC units that can be moved from room to room and are also common components used for automotive air conditioners. There are two main types of hoses you will need to check.

Replacing Drain Hoses

One type of hose you may need to replace is the drain hose. This is found on portable air conditioners and is used to release the water that is produced through condensation. Usually, the hose is placed in a location where it can empty into a bucket. If there is something wrong with the hose, you might notice that water is accumulating within the unit. Under these circumstances, you may need to make sure that the hose is not kinked or bent. Then, the fittings need to be checked to make sure that they are tight. If the fittings are inspected and they are fine, it is recommended that you have the entire hose replaced. 

Replacing Vent Hoses

The vent hose is used to release exhaust and is used for both portable AC units and car AC units. Sometimes, there is more than one hose, with one hose used to remove heat and another hose used to release cold air. Fortunately, if this hose, or the other type of hose, is damaged, you can order a replacement hose from the dealer. The hose can be removed by loosening the fitting and the new hose can be put in place. 

Replacing A Hose On Cars

If you will be replacing an AC hose on your car, always make sure that you wear safety glasses. Wearing latex gloves will also keep you safe. Remove the negative battery cable using an open-ended wrench. Remove refrigerant from the A/C machine. When you remove the AC hose, O-rings will be left behind. Make sure to replace any O-rings. After the new hose has been tightened into place, you can replace the refrigerant and put the negative battery cable back in place. Finally, turn the car back on and check to make sure that cold air is being released. If you are concerned about safety when servicing your AC unit, make sure to contact an auto repair specialist to have your AC serviced.

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