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Pros & Cons Of Electric Motors For Snow Plows

Buying a snow plow is a serious investment. When you come across the two main types, electric and gas-powered, you are likely going to want more information about them to help you decide. Here is a look at the pros and cons of electric snow plow motors to help guide your buying decision. 

Pro: Electric snow plow motors are fairly durable and long-lasting. 

One of the biggest advantages of an electric snow plow motor is the fact that these motors can last for a really long time without having to have a whole lot of maintenance. Gas-powered motors tend to need ongoing attention and may break down on occasion. Electric snow plow motors are far more resilient than gas-powered because they don't have a lot of moving parts. 

Con: Electric snow plow motors can't usually handle dense or ice-laden snow. 

Electric motors don't have the same kind of horsepower levels that a gas-powered snow blower would. Therefore, they can't typically handle deep snow drifts, snow that is super heavy, or snow that has a high concentration of ice mixed in with it. If you need something that can clear a few inches of snow from your walkway or driveway, this is a good option, but not so much if you have giant drifts or a lot of ice to contend with. 

Pro: Electric snow plow motors are usually easier to operate. 

If you are going for a snow plow that is the simplest to operate, an electric-motor version will likely be your best bet. These electric-powered machines are convenient, easy to start, and easy to operate. You can simply pull out the plow, plug it in, and get to work. With a gas-powered snow plow, you will have to add fuel, check oil levels, and probably use a pulley to start the motor. 

Con: Electric snow plow motors may have to be plugged in. 

In some cases, an electric snow plow motor will mean you will have to have the plow connected to a power outlet before it will work. Some of the electric motors these days, however, only have to be plugged in to start. Once they are plugged in and started up, you can unplug the cord and plow the snow as usual. This is made possible by a battery that keeps the motor running while you work in spite of it not being connected straight to electricity.