Replacing Old or Worn Auto Parts

Things To Consider When You Need To Sell A Junk Car

If you own an older car or truck that is no longer drivable, you may find it hard to sell. There are some alternatives you may want to consider to get rid of the vehicle and make a few dollars from the vehicle at the same time. 

Junk Services

The easiest way to junk your car for cash is to sell it one of the many services that buy junk cars. Some services will buy the car, sight unseen, based on the value they determine for the make and model of the car or truck. Other services may want to come and look at the vehicle and give you a price for the car or truck after determining what is usable from the car.

These services are legitimate for the most part, make sure they are paying cash and do not let the car or any parts leave until you have been paid for them. Some services will offer low amounts for the vehicle but remember, you can always turn down the offer and try another service if you feel the car is worth more than they are offering you. 

One benefit to these "junk your car for cash" operations is that they often will buy the car the same or next day, and they will remove it from the property right away. If you are on a timeline to get the vehicle sold, they may be the best option, even if they offer a little lower price than you wanted.

Sell It For Parts

There are a couple of options when you decide to sell your car for parts. You can sell the entire vehicle to one person as a parts only car that they can disassemble for the parts and they dispose of the remains, or you can strip the parts of the car and sell them individually.

Selling the car outright for parts is by far the best option because you do not have to invest the time into stripping the parts off the car and dealing with getting rid of the frame and remaining parts after the vehicle is stripped. Disassembling and then selling the parts can take a lot of extra time that some people don't have, and it can involve tools that not every home mechanic has in their toolbox. 

Donate Your Junk Car

While donating the car is not selling your junk car for cash, it can get you a tax credit if you donate it to a charitable organization. Many charities will take the vehicle and give you a receipt for the donation that can be added in at tax time, putting a little extra money in your tax return or lowering your tax liability. 

If you're looking to junk your car for cash, reach out to a local auto salvage yard.